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How do clients access FIT For Recovery?

Clients who have a preliminary hearing at Juvenile Court in which there is an alcohol and drug allegation on the petition are contacted at the preliminary hearing by one of the FIT core team.  They are offered an A&D screening and other FIT services.   The Core team attempts to engage those clients for the first 30 days following the preliminary hearing.  However, clients can be referred to FIT at any point in their case.


Clients can be referred through their caseworker.  That caseworker refers them to the branch CADC and Outreach Worker for an A&D screening and other FIT services.


The judicial officer at a court hearing can ask that a client be referred to FIT for Recovery.  The core team at court will ensure the referral is made to the Branch team.


Clients or their attorneys may initiate a referral by calling FIT for Recovery at court.  As above, the core team will refer the client to the DHS branch.


Core Team at the Juvenile Court: The team assists clients who have a preliminary hearing and have an A&D allegation on the petition. If the client accepts services, the team provides an A&D screening to determine the parents need for A&D treatment.  They make treatment referrals when indicated.  They provide support services to assist clients in engaging in A&D treatment.  They work with clients in the thirty days following the preliminary hearing.  The team includes:


Outreach Worker

Parent Mentor

Support Specialist

Treatment Coordinators

Visitation Specialist

Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselors